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Link-Belt 210 Ton Crane

Link-Belt 210 Ton Crane

We offer rental of Link-Belt 210 ton cranes and crane operation services in Virginia. Please see the Link-Belt 210 ton crane technical specifications, below, to know if it’s the right crane for your project.

Type of Crane:

ATC-3210 210-ton (185 mt) Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Truck Crane

210 Ton Crane Rental Details:

  • 8 hour minimum
  • Full dress with oiler

Link-Belt 210 Ton Crane Specs:

  • 44.3 ft to 200.1 ft (13.5-61m) six-section formed full power latching boom
  • Optional 12-40-67 ft (3.65-12.2-20.42m) three-piece, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment with 2°, 15°, 30°, and 45° manual offsets, and 2°- 45° hydraulic offsets
  • Optional two 25 ft (7.62m) plus 67 ft (20.42m) provide a total attachment length of 117 ft (35.66m)
  • 326 ft (99.6) maximum tip height
  • 25,955 lbs (115.5kN) maximum winch line pull
  • Next generation tilting operator’s cab
  • Excellent transportability – can be configured to meet some of the toughest transportation laws

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